Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

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I really enjoy writing with some of the Blog Dare's prompts, and today, we're looking back! A few of my favorite posts from 2011!


A little late to the game of cloth diapering, but I blogged about getting into it. And I absolutely LOVE cloth now! It isn't as complicated or disgusting as most people make it to be, and it's friendly on the environment and can be to wallets too!
Wish I'd Known...Cloth Diapers!

Discovering the Me in Mommy's first blog event! I was absolutely thrilled to host my first blog event. I even created my own button, and with the generous help of sponsors, we had a fun cloth-related event with giveaways to share!

New to a more natural lifestyle, thinking about the possibilities of artificial dyes and its dangers made me more aware of what I put in my mouth and into the mouths of my family.
Beware of Food Dyes

With my daughter verbally communicating more with me, I was overjoyed by a sweet Mommy Moment! It was the start to the now continuing call of, "Mommy!" An encouraging look back when harried days come.

Another post about remembering the increasing growth and development of our children. Though the frustrations of the toddler years, I remembered the positive traits my daughter was developing, and my pride as a mother shone.


This was a fun adventure! My husband did almost all of the work, but we grew plants which were heirloom, not genetically-modified. And the richness of taste (as well as nutrition) is well worth all the investments!
Our non-GMO garden!

Independence Day Thoughts -- July 4th of every year, I am once again reminded of  the privilege it is to be an American citizen, especially since I had the opportunity to decide whether I wanted to be a citizen or not!

I like to reflect, and thinking back 10 years ago makes me eager to see what the next 10 years will hold!

I need to be deliberate about my role as parent and teacher. Life reminded me about those teachable moments!

My attempt to find a better plan of action for my daily routine --Squeezing more out of 24 hours?!?

I love it when couponing meets gifting! With the season of giving around Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was able to coupon to purchase even more for charities!

I like looking back to see what's happened but also like thinking about what could possibly be for the future!


  1. Haha!! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!! I definitely plan to be on the Race one day with my brother or someone else. If I do, I'll blog about it :) Survivor is a different story. Though I LOVE the show, I may not last very long. One can't be honest on the show and with all the backbiting, I fear I may take it personally or someone else might :) If I do go on it, I have to care not to win and just go for the fun and experience of the game :) Amazing race is less complicated and dishonesty doesn't always happen. OK I just rambled on :)

  2. wonderfully written! I am a new mom, I was in love when i found eco friendly diapers! A wonderful year to you :-)

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  4. It's great to see so many wonderful posts. I, too, added a list of my favorite posts from last year. It's amazing how quickly time went by. Thanks for posting. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Cloth diapering was ok. We used cloth for our first three sons until I have to homeschool 2 kids and had a fourth baby. We switched to paper just because it saved us more time.

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    P.S. sorry, if i have to post a webpage, Google's is a different address. :-)

  6. Looks like a wonderful year. Wish you the best in 2012.

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