Monday, September 19, 2011

Parents as Teachers

I've had a few friends who are parents recently mention everyday teaching opportunities. One involved respecting a funeral procession by pulling their car to the side of the road while the procession drove by; in today's fast-paced society, many commuters continue regular driving habits regardless of showing respect for the passing of a member of the community. Another actually involved teaching another child respect, as that child's parents were unobservant to catch their child's behavior; the child threw an object which hit my friend, and since the child's father did not even notice, my friend told the father that if he didn't discipline his child, my friend would!

As you probably do, I try to find those teachable moments for my child, to train her to be a respectful child, who will grow up to a teen and then an adult. But how do you deal with others who are not as attentive to their parenting role?

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  1. I will address them if it feels right. However if I think the other parent will come after me with a gun, I'll rethink it.