Thursday, November 3, 2011

'Tis the Season

For the month of November, everyone's more grateful. There's more of a focus on being thankful. Today, as part of our church's season of compassion, and because it's basically the last day to donate items, we went shopping for the collection of Thanksgiving baskets to be given away to needing families. I always scope out the store match-ups, but I'm so excited that one of our local stores started their sales on Thanksgiving items; paired up with the sales promotions and a few coupons, we were able to save 50% off retail!

I saw other deals for various toys or educational items, which could be donated to Operation Christmas Child, sending shoeboxes with small gifts to children in other countries. Thriftiness shouldn't cause us to become selfish but recognize that even more can be shared!

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  1. That's so great and besides saving while giving just means you can give more. Have a great weekend

  2. Awesome! I wish I could do donations this year. I'm only working about 15 hours a week right now and things are terribly tight (but doable). You might enjoy my post called Mittens 4 Missions - I'm asking people to commit to donating 2 mittens/gloves and 2 hats to their local City MIssion this year. =D

    Thanks! Tina "The Book Lady"
    I'm following you from GivingNSharing - thanks for following me. =D