Monday, October 24, 2011

Squeezing More Out of Our 24 Hours?!?

I'm realizing how hard I have to work at having good time management! If I don't have a plan of things to get done, I don't get anything done. And even if I need a break for some ME time, if I don't carefully watch it, I overwhelm myself with that time and don't get anything else done. Some times I get so frustrated with that cycle. I'll post more as I figure out ways to address my problems!

Some friends have issues with specific household tasks, like laundry. A friend suggested doing one load a day, therefore not being overwhelmed. For many, that's an excellent tip. I could easily run a load of cloth diapers in the morning and hang them outside to dry. With two adults and a toddler at home, even with cloth dipes and trainers, I don't have an adversity to laundry. I end up doing 2-3 loads in the evening a few times a week. I don't like running single loads because I don't want to waste the energy used heating up the dryer; so I'll run at least 2 loads. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I try to use that energy late in the day, just in case it's less of a draw on our power supply and bill!

I can wrap my brain around laundry, but I still have to work on how to address my issues with cleaning the bathroom. You'll have to help me out!

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    I've been a stay at home mom for 20 months (officially as of Wednesday). 20 months! I'm still trying to figure out the whole time management thing. Some days I am REALLY good at it. Some days I stink. Today's been a good day...I made a menu, went to the grocery, washed dishes and 2 loads of laundry, fed 2 hot meals (and a cold one)... I've accomplished a lot. But I am NOT rockin' the stay at home mom gig today. I'm feeling grouchy and moody. Why is it that just when I start to be productive, my mood goes through the floor?!? Ugh.

    good luck to you in your journey! I LOVE being a stay at home mom. (Except for when I don't.)

  2. I have a daily checklist of tasks (sort daily laundry, feed pets, take vitamins, plan lunch and dinner etc- there are about 25 items on it). One item on the list is 'daily task'. On Mondays, I dust, Tuesdays I change all of our sheets, Wednesdays I grocery shop, Thursdays clean bathrooms, Fridays clean floors etc. The structure helps me a lot since I have 2 constant distractions! :)
    ~Shere' M.

  3. I am horrible about cleaning the bathroom. What helps me is that I keep a container of Lysol wipes in there and whenever I notice something messy just do a quick wipe down to tide me over until I can do a deeper cleaning.

  4. I hate bathroom cleaning but I really hate laundry!

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