Monday, March 26, 2012

One Year Ago

One  year ago . . . I can hardly remember back to March of 2011! But here goes . . .

One year ago, we were not hauling 2 1/2 yards of mulch for landscaping! But we were trying to get outdoors whenever the weather would fair up.

One year ago, I was not engaging in discussions with my toddler -- life was still more simple with a lot more compliance from her part!

One year ago, we were in cloth diapers in full force -- today, it's Elmo panties all the way!

One year ago, we thought we were eating healthy -- today, we're getting back to the basics, and trying to eat more organic products that have been minimally processed. Who would have thought we'd be into raw milk?!?

What were you doing a year ago?!?

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Favorite Memory from the Great Outdoors

This has to be the best memory from the Great Outdoors!

With a week off of teaching, I planned a week's vacation in Arizona. I was younger and more into a tightly packed vacation, and I had the itinerary planned down to the hour. But my husband and I really didn't know what was in store!

We flew into Phoenix and drove up to Sedona, where we had 2 free nights from a timeshare sales pitch in another vacation spot, that we declined. The drive was amazing, and since we drove into the late evening, the next morning brought surprises of rock formations that were hiding in the darkness on our drive in!

After exploring Sedona, we drove up to the Grand Canyon, through Flagstaff. I remember feeling the heat in Phoenix, seeing the snow in Flagstaff, and going through the more moderate temperature in the Navajo Reservation. But as we approached the Grand Canyon, we were truly in awe of its grandeur. We spent a night in the national park, and nothing tops this time in the Great outdoors!

What's your favorite memory from the great outdoors?

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Vegetable I Won't Insist My Children Eat

Actually I probably insist that my children try any and every vegetable; they might not have to finish the serving of veggies if it tastes too different though. My daughter does a pretty good job of this already. She's willing to try almost anything, and I hope that will continue throughout her life! I've had my share of "interesting" foods, but I wasn't as willing to eat bravely when I was younger.

I was a highly opinionated eighth grader, and I proudly announced to my dad, at the restaurant where we were eating, that I needed to know what everything was before trying it. It was a battle of wills . . . and my dad won. I ate a few things that I couldn't identify, but I realized that I enjoyed something I probably would have never tried if I knew what it really was.

I'd like my children to embrace a sense of adventure when it comes to food, to allow their taste buds to be surprised (and hopefully not appalled) by the different kinds of foods we have available to us!

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