Saturday, January 29, 2011

I wish I'd known...Cloth Diapers!

When I was pregnant, I debated about whether to use disposable or cloth diapers and asked around for different opinions. Most everyone I knew used or uses disposables because it's plain convenient -- disposables are frequently advertised on tv and can be purchased at the grocery store, drug store, and online with so many coupons available for use! And the ones that had any experience with cloth discouraged me from it because they said it was troublesome and about the same cost as disposables. Unfortunately, I had no friends with recent experience with cloth diapers -- because now cloth is more simple and efficient than years past, and I didn't know about the wealth of information in the blogosphere from veteran moms!

I happily used disposables for several months, only recently reconsidering the debate again when our beloved FuzziBunz Perfect Fit moved into our home. I was so surprised at the ease of use and how my daughter didn't seem to notice a difference -- it never leaked, no matter how wet or stinky it got! And cleaning it wasn't much of an issue as I was able to rinse it out (since I don't have a diaper sprayer) and throw it into the wash; I was so impressed when it came out of the wash looking brand new again! I rested a bit more comfortably knowing that her diapered areas got a break from all the processed material of a disposable too.

So many people tout about its cost effectiveness, but I never sat down to figure it out. . . until today. In my estimation, purchasing 20 cloth diapers at $18, doing laundry every other day, would be a total of $360. I normally purchase my disposables for around $6 a Jumbo pack which lasts about a week, now that my daughter's older. Attempting to factor in the lower amount of diaper changes as babies grow, I think cloth diapers would pay for themselves in one year. For a lot more investment upfront and a little more investment in cleaning and washing off poop, that's a good investment even if you had one child, and a great investment if you have more than one child!

As I did more investigating, I was blown away with the many companies and their many types of cloth diapers and decided to request samples. As it turns out, many of these businesses have also allowed me to present giveaways here! So coming soon (maybe even next week) will be my series of my Cloth Diapering Experience, with a Mother-Ease system, Thirsties Duo, Knickernappies, and Super Skivvies for you!

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  1. When I look back I wish I used cloth diapers. If I am blessed with another child, Godwilling, I probably would use them. I hope you are well. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  2. I used cloth for the first 6-7 months with my twins, then for a variety of reasons stopped for almost a year. I've been back with cloth for almost 2 weeks. My biggest challenge now is that my boys are tall, so while still well within the weight limits of the one-sizes, it wont be long before they have a plumbers crack (seriously, I still wrap the waistbands to overlap, its just the rise). I'm looking forward to your reviews.
    Let me know if you giveaways include Canada and I'm in. Even if they dont, I'll still read the reviews since I want to stick to cloth.

  3. Oh, I so struggle with wanting to use cloth diapers, but then looking at all the piles of laundry I already have with 5 people in this house, and thinking this would add a whole new spin on my laundry monster!! I guess, I wouldn't be able to procrastinate on washing stinky diapers like I can on washing clothes! Thanks for the inspiration...we'll see what happens when this little one gets here!:)

  4. I remember this debate in my head but like you used disposable because of ease of use. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I also factored in the cost of my diaper genie refills, which was about 12 dollars a month. Plus, I never run out of diapers!

    About the laundry, it isn't that bad. I find I actually will do diaper laundry where I will slack on my other laundry.

    Think about it this way, if/when you run out of underwear, you run a load right? Same with diapers.

  6. I can't wait to take the plunge. I just had my 3rd and can't believe I waited so long to try. Thanks so much for sharing the details! My blog is private -- shall I invite you so you can see?