Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sharing: A Problem Just for Toddlers?

Most youngsters don't have to be taught the concept of "mine!" Thankfully, we don't have a huge difficulty with our young one, but it shows up if we take a toy away as a form of a loss of privilege in discipline. Intrinsically, we have a strong concept of what's mine, and what's mine is not yours also!

Money Saving Mom is incredible with her love and service for others. With the proceeds of her book, she is donating it all to Compassion's Child Survival Program in the Dominican Republic! (If you aren't familiar with this, read about The Money Saving Mom's Budget  and the giveaway!) And already she'll be able to fund that for a year. I really admire her heart. Some times when I hear of stories like this, it becomes an if-I-had-money-to-donate daydream, but then reality hits, and I know I have to start today. Dreaming is always for another day, but there is something to be shared at the present. I'd miss out on life if I kept putting it off for when I'd have "more." But when would "more" ever be enough of a catalyst?

And while I may not have income from a book to donate, I do have other things I can share. I can obviously share time with other moms and children. I can share meals and hospitality by having people in my home, or I could take those meals to those who might need extra help. I can share encouragement and friendship with those who are lacking. I can share my possessions with people or organizations who need those items more than I do.

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