Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Special Place

I believe that everyone needs some time to themselves, especially mommies! This might be a bit selfish (some have told me that it's healthy though), but I've always made some time for just me. If I've always tending to people or things around me, at some point, I'll crash, and it's just better for everyone when I prevent that by taking time out to tend to Me!

My "special" place (for quiet/alone or regrouping time) is actually at the gym! I can't seem to get alone time in my house! This gives me an extra motivation to exercise, to get my body and my mind in better shape! I can have at least 20 minutes on a machine to get my legs going but to refocus my mind -- often I pray, and some times I just try to sort through all the different ideas in my head.

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  1. such a great thing to do on two counts your spirit and your health; which I was as motivated to go to the gym, but you can visit me in my mirco home any time :)

  2. taking a break from all things baby is sometimes a GREAT thing! Recharges your batteries for more baby time :-)

  3. Great special place,and I didn't think about that place until coming to your blog. It's true the gym can be a special place, a swift walk on a treadmill with only you and your thoughts. I am visiting from The Blog Dare if you are interested stop by my blog and see my special place