Thursday, January 5, 2012

Complementing Children

How often do you complement children . . . other people's children?!?  Some times I'll complement other people's children for pure encouragement -- other times, I do it as purely encouragement for my child to be more obedient, like, "Look how well they're walking next to their Mommy!" Either way, it brings smiles to both the children and their parents to hear praise, not flattery.

Today I was the recipient of that encouragement! My child spent some time with a childcare provider, and she praised my daughter for being personable and mature . . . for a toddler! They were looking all over the room for a particular toy, and when they couldn't find it, my daughter just non-nonchalantly said, "That's ok," and she went to play with something else!

This mommy's all smiles! When was the last time you complemented some one else's child?!?

Photo Credit: Image: Arvind Balaraman /

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  1. As a childcare provider I compliment children very often. I'm a firm believer that positive reinforcement comes from compliments. They love this praise & will "be good" because they'll then get it.