Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Can't Believe My Child Likes...

The Lawrence Welk Show!

Several months ago, we were channel surfing, and when we crossed the PBS station which was showing the Lawrence Walk Show, my daughter turned from the toys she was playing with to see what the singing and dancing was about! It turned out she enjoys the songs, more so than the dancing.

It's interesting to see what was popular in the late fifties, from hairstyles to entertainment styles. But it is refreshing to watch a program with my child which doesn't include some strange looking characters in bright primary colors!


  1. We should introduce your daughter to my mom-LOL! Really?

  2. LOL I love that! I have fun showing my daughter some of the older shows that I loved (such as Mr. Rogers). I haven't thought about Lawrence Welk--but I imagine my daughter would love it too.


  3. That is so funny. Would not even think that Lawrence Welk would still be on even. But's not 'calling all the monsters'!

  4. That's hilarious! I have no idea what my son would think of that show but now I'm curious to find out :)