Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Write For...

Me...and you (but honestly, mostly me)!

My baby entered this world two days after my full 8 year educational career, and that threw me for a loop. I found myself without the identity that I had worked 12 years to create and was a clueless stay-at-home-mom who was also dealing with postpartum depression! As I searched for ways to connect, I remembered a friend who suggested blogging -- I got to the point where I figured there was no harm in trying, and here we are today! You can read more about my personal blogging story here.

As I blogged, I've had opportunities to meet people and to work alongside several businesses. I've learned so much as I've read others' blog posts and prepared my own. I'm also excited to share about innovative business ventures I've gotten to promote.

So thank you for helping me find the new ME and sharing that joy with me!

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  1. well said - agreed... think there is a theme going on! thanks for stopping by my blog!
    the antics of an autism mom

  2. So glad this blog has helped give you your voice...I totally understand. I started blogging to give myself an outlet into the world and love it!

  3. blogging has helped me a lot too!! Glad you found the blogging world to help you =)

  4. I'm glad you've discovered the me in Mommy :-)