Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Menu Plan

I was recently talking with a friend about trying to save on groceries without sacrificing lots of time, and that is a difficult balance. Personally I put in quite a bit of time looking up store match-ups, locating or printing coupons, and finally scheduling a time where the baby & I go shopping -- but, in a strange way, I enjoy that. Now, I'm no star in the world of couponing; I've seen posts of women saving close to 90% while I'm at 50% (which, I actually am very proud of)! I think the key is to know what you'll end up using, and when you see a good sale and/or matchup, make the purchase. I've also frozen more meat, and that makes our dinners slightly more convenient.

Here's a brief menu plan based on what's on sale locally, and you can:
1. stop reading
2. make sarcastic remarks about my choices
3. applaud my choices
4. take whatever works for you!
(I like the 4th choice.)

Monday and tonight are pork chop nights. I managed to get some pork chops on sale at Marsh (and at Cub previously) for $.99/lb. I freeze the extras for weeks like this!
We're having veggie sides from our garden with corn that's on sale at Meijer (& Cub this week).

Last night we had Wan Chai Ferry dinner kit made with frozen chicken I got on sale last week and green beans from Meijer ($.77/lb).

Tomorrow we're having Hillshire Chicken Sausage Links with peppers. (The sausage was on sale last week at Meijer and this week at Kroger. I got reduced pepper at Meijer -- $.74/4 -- and they weren't that bad! We're also hoping to have more peppers from our garden, if our groundhog allows...)

Friday we're having hamburgers with a side of corn. (I made patties & froze them, when ground beef was on sale.)

(And I don't know what we're having Saturday or Sunday yet!)


  1. Sounds like a great menu plan. I also like to buy meat in bulk prepare it for steaks or roast, and then freeze. Makes things so much easier. I also buy the whole chickens when they hit 79/lb. I cook them in the oven and crockpot and then shred them.
    I also have an award for you on my blog,

  2. I could improve in that area of my life. I have a ton of friends who save lots of money. I just tell myself I don't have the time. But I better make the time.

  3. When chicken is on sale, I make/buy marinades and separate them into different flavors and label them with the marinade. Then I let them soak overnight before I freeze them. That way, as they unthaw in the fridge, they marinate and I can just pull out whatever sounds good or whatever I have the 'accessories' for. I tried throwing in bag w/ marinade and freezing immediately, but the marinade just froze around the chix and it didn't soak in. Laura

  4. Hi there! I'm from Mama's Nestwork. I am in a meal plan rut! I feel like I make the same things over and over. It can be hard being a vegeatarian but I'll keep trying. And yes, it is a great way to save money because you take less trips to the store!

  5. Stopping over from Mommy's Nestwork.

    I wish I can be as organized. I don't plan beyond two days (at most!). This means more trips to the store... *sigh*

    Mamahood, Among Other Things...