Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do I look like a crook to you?

I really enjoy couponing, and with the additional benefits of internet coupons, my saving's rate is increasing! But every now and then, I get haggled about a coupon, with the cashier condemning me of engaging in coupon fraud. Such was the case at Walmart earlier this afternoon when I was trying to buy post-its with the coupon, straight from the 3M site. I originally wanted to purchase 3, but as soon as the cashier set eyes on those coupons, she said, "We don't accept copies."

When someone insists that I'm wrong and I know I'm right, I tend to get a little more assertive. So I told her that they were printed from the 3M website, just in black and white. It also made me angry that she'd think I'm stupid or deceitful enough to copy coupons.

Ugh. I've contemplated printing in color -- I can always refill the ink cartridges at Walgreens if my HP printer will let me; some times it insists that I must buy a new one....crazy thing. I don't know. I was accused of copying coupons, which I did not, but couldn't someone also copy a coupon in color?!? I'm not sure if there's a solution to this except to find a store with consistently coupon-friendly employees who will not question my integrity or just to believe in my own integrity even if others question it. (And the only stores that I have found to be coupon friendly and also believe in my integrity are Meijer and CVS.)

Oh, and here's the coupon for a free Post-It Note pad at Target & Walmart...just don't go to the one I was at today....


  1. Oh I hate it when this happens! Around here, Publix is the worst store to coupon at. I went in with a coupon printed directly off their site and they told me I couldn't use it because it was a copy. (Which it wasn't!) I told her I printed it off their site. She called the manager over to approve my coupon. They also don't take 2 coupons on BOGOs anymore. :(
    Then, last night, I was lectured at Publix by a cashier who couldn't have been more than 18 years old about using coupons for free items...she didn't want to look through the list of scanned items because it takes too long. Oh the eye rolls and huffiness I dealt with. That's OK though bc I spent $61 and saved $89!
    Oh, and I only print in B&W too. I'm not wasting my color ink on coupons. I just tell the cashiers "I'm out of color ink".