Monday, August 23, 2010

The Freeloader is Gone!

It's frustrated my husband immensely for the past month. We both have spent several hours scouring the internet, inquiring of other gardeners for solutions, and trying making strong attempts to get this freeloader. The hubs has trapped a possum and 2 squirrels in the process. But today was the glorious day...we trapped the groundhog who was terrorizing our garden for the past month!

I'm actually not as excited about this as my husband -- I've discovered that I don't have the green thumb and need more than Miracle Grow to get my plants abundantly lush and healthy; I can grow weeds well though. But I could tell the hubs was elated when he did his after-work-check-in-on-the-garden routine and found 'ole fatty, locked up in the cage. Fatty has eaten well, devoured our beans, snacked on peppers, and ate the middle sections of our now tall okra. But his feasting days are done! Oh glorious day!

Can our bean plants still produce beans before the frost?


  1. Be careful with that ground hog! They can be very very mean! Those nasty front teeth are to to be ignored! Not sure about your beans, If they bloom, you should be good. Good luck!

  2. That's great! Congrats for getting him. Grow backyard grow!

  3. I love gardens, but I'm with you - I can grow weeds really well! Now that I've moved to an urban setting I feel no pressure to have a garden. I do the city thing and walk to the farmer's market and buy produce from people much wiser than I!

    Now that the cute little varmint is gone, may your garden overflow with veggies.

  4. Congratulations for catching him. I also grow weeds very well. Not much more of anything else.

    New follower from MBC!

  5. That's great! I may seem like a sap but I hope the "varmint" was not hurt.

    The most problems we have here are an occasional snake in the yard.