Friday, August 13, 2010

Another award

And it's the Foxy Mama Award! Thanks TV's Take for this award, and I'm now passing it to the women behind the following blogs:

A Mommy's Blessings
Crazy Mama Karen
Magee Baby
Mama On Da Go

Thanks for believing that I can shed the baby fat! =)


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the award. Now if only I really looked like that pic! lol

  2. It takes some time, but you can do it! I did it at 48 after having babies at 40 and 42. The older you get though, the harder it is. Congrats!

  3. You are quite welcome and Congrats!

  4. Thank you so much!!! I'm very flattered. I bragged about it and linked your blog. Thanks again!

  5. Wahooo! I'm a Foxy Mama! I'm feeling more like a sleepy mama today but hoping to turn back into the foxy mama soon. :) LOL Thanks for the award!!!

  6. Thank you so much! And you can do it!!!