Monday, January 3, 2011

Thoughtful Living Tuesday - Discovering the Me in Mommy

Each Tuesday, I like to look at something which makes my life healthier, whether it addresses the physical, emotional, or spiritual. There have been several changes our family has made to our diet because of these new things I'm learning, and I hope to share more insight throughout the year.

As we start out the new year, it's important to look inside before we look around -- I've realized the importance of investing in Myself! This is part of the reason for my blog, to help meet my needs of a more immediate sense of accomplishment and opportunity to socialize with other people. Before I stayed home full time with my daughter, I was engaged in the fast-paced, social world of high school -- as I approached my due date, my students' parents would ask how excited I was, and I would tell them of my apprehension about having a baby because I would have preferred to have a teenager! It actually took a few months for me to enjoy having a baby and not a teenager, but I was so shocked by how quickly my roles changed that I lost myself for a few months -- not sure if it was post-postpartum depression playing a part in it either.

Nonetheless, out of my search grew this blog and the opportunities to meet fun and amazing people as well as supporting businesses. And I'm so surprised by the outcome! I don't think I'll ever really get control of my life, but I'm remembering the ME in Mommy! =)

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  1. I don't think anything can prepare you for having the first baby, or the crash test dummy as my Mother calls it! The subsequent children don't seem to cause quite so much chaos, all the hard work has been done by the first.
    It does take a while to find or remember who you were, you never really return to the same person- you become a better one. You plus Mummy skills!!