Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thoughtful Living Tuesday

I confess; I'm a snacker. I'm not one to ever skip meals because I hate feeling hungry; thus, I snack. Often I choose crackers, cheese, fruit, or cookies, and looking back (now that our Daniel Fast is over), I choose to reward myself with cookies much too often. The little one would do something well, and I'd reward her with a cookie; then I'd rationalize that I had also done a good job being home, and I needed a cookie! On the first day of the fast, I quickly realized how much of an emotional eater I am (and I still exhibited those traits on the fast too, dreaming of my cookies as I ate my peanuts and almonds).

Another thing I learned were healthy, creative homemade snacks! While we were on the fast, Kristin Feola provided lots of great recipes, some which we'll continue to utilize and adapt back to "normal" food, like her Baked Oatmeal. Speaking of great resources on healthy recipes, check out the $5 Dinner Mom (and my giveaway of The $5 Dinner Mom's Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook, with special snack recipes)!

Anything, whether food or activity, can become a detriment to your best life if its uncontrolled. I've decided to be more disciplined about my snacking, remembering to reach for the wheat crackers, cheese, yogurt, fruit, and nuts first, and OCCASIONALLY the cookies!


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