Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Cloth Diaper Experience -- Part 2

 Discovering the Me in Mommy

My Cloth Diaper Experience is coming to an end, but my cloth journey is just beginning! My first cloth diaper was a Fuzzibunz Perfect Fit, and I think that it can persuade anyone to try cloth. From that point, I was intrigued and you can read more of my initial cloth diapering thoughts.

For the past 2 weeks, I've been mulling over what would go into this post, and up until that time, I was the Fair-Weather-Cloth-Diaperer because I hated dealing with poop! So I (close your eyes, those of you who are devout cloth mommies) would put a disposable on my little one at night because most of the times, she'd do her business in her early waking moments, and if she didn't take care of business then, I'd keep her in disposables until she went! Slowly I got more and more brave; she made an extra special christening in a couple of diapers, and I managed to deal with the poop. Amazing how poop seemed to roll of suede and sometimes fleece. So I decided to jump in 100% and go full throttle into cloth --- and she decided to go full throttle in return, when one morning, I had a loaded diaper full of pee and poop in my dear Fuzzibunz, and we had plans that morning! Yuck. I was extremely inefficient, trying to figure out how to get the poop off without touching it. It was massive. . . and smelled massive. . .how could I go on with this?!?

You'll find out in a couple of days! In the meantime, make sure you've entered to join in my very first event! Share about the event and cloth diapering!

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  1. I'm past the age of needing to diaper a child, but I've enjoyed reading your diapering journey. You made me smile today!