Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To coupon or not?!?

Little One and I had a one-sided conversion the other day at the grocery store, when I had a mini-extreme-couponing grocery trip, which ended with, "Don't pay full price for anything! Use your coupons!"

Coupons, coupons....I love coupons; actually, the truth of the statement is I love getting a good deal! I'm not sure how I turned out this way, but I'm a nut-case when it comes to saving -- one of my friends would make fun of me when I'd look quickly to the bottom of my grocery receipt to see how much I saved!

Using coupons does not cheat anyone because the manufacturers pay the store back the value of the coupon plus eight cents. Some times my smart couponing causes the cashiers to give me strange looks; few have even questioned my integrity, but I remind them that I'm only printing my allowed 2 coupons from either coupons.com or from the manufacturer's site -- copying coupons IS fraud!

I've always tried to use coupons. About a year ago, I took my couponing to the next level and started using websites which help match sales and coupons for the best deals! I still get coupons from my Sunday inserts, but I also print coupons from coupons.com. Some of my favorite sites are Bargainstobounty.com for her Meijer deals, Thefrugalgirls.com for her drugstore deals, and Savingslifestyle.com for her Kroger deals. By putting in more time to research, I can save 50-60% off retail prices (and I'm not dumpster diving or buying extra coupons online).

The wealth of information online truly is incredible. Search, find, and share!

This was part of the Blog Dare Prompt Couponing!


  1. Getting a good deal feels so darn good. Good for you for taking it to the next level

  2. I don't use coupons. I really should, but that would mean having to buy a newspaper I guess. and finding which coupons I actually use.. then cutting them. I could get the kids to actually cut them out of th paper, I guess..... once I got around to buying a paper and sorting out coupons...

    ..... just wanted to swing by and make sure I say "hi" to my boggy-friends.

  3. I don't understand those that don't use coupons. A person doesn't have to go the any extremes, just clip the useful ones out of your inserts on Sunday. I am starting to teach my Little Man that we don't buy snack food without a coupon. I don't like to buy a lot of snack food anyways, but why pay full price for it. That's just dumb!
    Since we are stationed overseas, I only have one store to grocery shop at. Cashiers question me, but hey, I'm not in the wrong. I don't use fake coupons. I tend to be cashier selective now!

  4. I buy extra coupons online but only from reputable people and only newspaper insert coupons or original company mailers (like gerber/P&G) not anything else.

    I love couponing and I wouldn't stop even if I was rich. I just can't stand paying full price if there is a coupon.

  5. Great post! I actually sent my husband to the grocery store with a coupons.com print out and the cashier did not know what to do with it?!?! Did you use them and how does it work for you?