Saturday, February 12, 2011


Before my daughter was born, scrapbooking was a cinch! I'd usually wait for a long weekend or school vacation to spread out all pictures and scrapbook paraphernalia (various papers and stickers which I had picked up on sale a the craft store, cutter, 3 scrapbooking scissors) on the floor of our spare bedroom. I was a bit disillusioned in thinking I could keep up even after my daughter was born; an infant's frequent yet short sleeping times coupled with an infant's inability to be mobile allowed me to only be about 4 months behind in scrapbooking. However, now that I only have 2 hours during the day to myself, my scrapbooking is nonexistent! I'd even decided on just using photo albums, but perhaps I'll give myself a second chance with a tip from one of my friends.

She's outlined a system to make a scrapbook covering the span of a year in only 3 nights, which you can check out here! Using a rather detailed plan of deciding to use a specific number of pages to cover a year, concise choice of photos, and focused scrapbooking, she's made this system work wonderfully for her family!

I'm not sure I can be as deliberate about keeping to a certain number of pages for each year, but I might give it a try before my daughter's birthday -- fingers crossed!

This a post about the Blog Dare's prompt "Scrapbooking."


  1. I am not that crafty so no scrapbooking for me. I'm big on on-line photo books. They make great gifts too. Hey thanks for your ? on my blog. If it's okay I'd like to make your answer a post. I can keep it anon unless you want me to state your blog name? many thanks

  2. Great! I left it anon but I posted my suggestions on my blog. Thank you again for asking my opinion.