Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprise! What's at the door?!?

The door bell rang as we were cleaning up after dinner. I stopped loading dishes in the dishwasher, and my husband and I exchanged questions as to who that would be. He and our little one went to the door first to check it out.

Our toddler thinks anything bigger than a sedan is a bus, and she had christened the FedEx truck a bus. And I kept thinking, what did I buy?!? When we opened the door, we saw the rectangular box to the side of the door, and all I could see was the word "TOY" on the side, and my mind kept searching my memory to think of what toy I bought! And amazingly my toddler knew what the word TOY meant as she was quite excited to open it!

As I took my scissors to slice open the heavily packaged box, my toddler was right there, trying to pry her little fingers in to any opening I created. Again, that word TOY, and I kept thinking what in the world did I buy!

Turns out, it was a Play Doh Mega Fun Factory I had won in another blog's giveaway! (I like to join in on the giveaway fun too, and most times I'm not as lucky to win!) We all sat there for a while -- actually my husband and I sat as my daughter played with the box. But it was too late or too early to save it for Christmas, but (and I wish I had taken a picture!) my husband and daughter decided it was Christmas, and they saw on the kitchen floor and stamped their play doh! The little play doh factory would run a conveyor belt, with the help of two C batteries, but since we had none, my fingers worked the belt. Eventually, my daughter decided it was more fun just to take the play doh containers and put them back into the "factory." The simple things.
It really is true -- the simple things make life sweet.


  1. cute Playdoh toy!!! and what a great surprise!

  2. Congrats on the win.
    Playdoh is such fun and I can remember playing with it too.


  3. What a nice surprise to put a little joy in this long and snowy February!