Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vitamins - do you or don't you?

Long before my married years, my gynecologist recommended taking a multivitamin and calcium tablets daily; the multivitamin would ensure that I was getting all the essential nutrients I might have missed in my diet, and the calcium would protect me as I got older, as most of calcium storage is built up in your twenties. Dutifully, I followed the regimen of taking my multivitamin and calcium before I went to bed -- I did it in my single years and into my early married years.

I still try to make sure I remember my multivitamin and calcium now, but some times I'm overcome with Mommy Brain and can barely remember what's next on the To Do List. My husband also likes to take herbal supplements, so I've added a few herbs to my supplements.

Overall, I do advocate a healthy diet and vitamin supplements just to ensure proper nutrients are in place! Here's to good health!

This post is part of The Blog Dare's prompt: Vitamins.


  1. no one told me to get extra calcium in my 20s. I should have- at that time (before kids) it would have been much easier to make a habit of it.

    I take vitamins a couple times a week. same with calcium and my herbal supplements my acupuncturist recommended. Some weeks I take them daily even.

    OH- and 5 miles isn't too far to ride to the grocery store. 1 of the stores I ride to is 4 miles away, so I'm sure 5 wound't be that much harder. You (when your weather is nice) should try it- work up to it a mile at a time.

    where we live a towns are separated and it is hilly between towns. I come from the FLAT lands of Ohio- and WOW did i notice a huge fuel consumption difference when we moved out here to the hilly lands of California wine valley. So I try to almost make up for that with 'in town errands' .. and putting some errands off until I have enough to do in that area (when driving)

  2. I take a prenatal and B6. My husband recommended fish oil for a healthy heart so I'm working on building that horse pill into my nightly routine.