Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thoughtful Healthy Living - Coconut Oil

Healthy living does not happen by accident -- it often takes time, research, and understanding to make those steps to better, healthier living.

And coconut oil is something that I've recently been introduced to -- thanks to a nutritionist -- and am excited to incorporate into our diet. Coconut oil is very new to me because I've grown up with the idea that vegetable and canola oils are healthy options. Little did I know that these processed oils are actually overly heated and processed so much that the oil became rancid and full of harmful free radicals; even though "vegetable" and "canola" sound harmless and healthy (thanks to excellent marketing), they've been over-processed (heated, deodorized, etc.). According to a nutritionist I spoke to, the best options for oils are ones that are cold-pressed (not overly heated) and/or organic, like tallow (which I know nothing about!), coconut oil, unrefined sunflower oil, and olive oil.

From what I've found online, people rave about the benefits of coconut oil. Some take straight coconut oil (or add it to a smoothie) to lose weight! Others see the health benefits for the heart, liver, and immune system. Since I'm just a newbie, I'll have to wait and see! What do you think about coconut oil?!?

Oh, and later on this week, I'll be hosting a giveaway for Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil -- be sure to come back and enter!


  1. A friend just suggested to me yesterday to use coconut oil for dry skin. She said you can put it on, then hop in the shower--supposedly its antiseptic, and you can just shave as if it was shaving cream. I'm going to have to try it!

  2. I also heart coconut and olive oil! I use coconut oil in the things I bake (everything has a coconut taste, but I like it). I also used it for when my 10-month old neice came to visit in June (she lived with us for 5 weeks). Jolene had horrible exczema. In place of OTC creams, I used coconut oil instead. Along with avocado, olive oil, or yogurt mashed in with the foods I made for her, her exczema started clearing immediately and cleared up completely within a month. I have used coconut oil to remove my eye makeup, although I found I prefer olive oil.

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