Monday, January 17, 2011

My First Post - May 26, 2010

May 26, 2010 -- first posted using Wordpress' free site (In case you're wondering, My first post on blogger was on June 11, 2010 about a free smoothie!)

I’ve toyed with this idea of blogging, but thought I didn’t have anything original to add to the blogsphere. I might be right; but perhaps I’m wrong. Remember that first year teacher who was so optimistic and wanted to inspire that optimism in her students, the one who brightly and confidently responded that everyone has an original story to tell? So I figure this is a good time to live out the line I’ve repeated many so many times I can’t even remember now. (We can try to start counting now if you let me know.)

In the past, it’s been easy to find identity in my career – teaching high school students. In 10 months, I went from having 120 kids to having 1. The year that has followed has actually be a confusing time for me because I have trouble identifying who I am. Sounds strange, I can imagine. But here’s the reason for writing, I’m trying to discover the new me in my new role as mommy.

One thing I know is that I love to save money! So I’ll have a few thoughts in that area…and I’m working on something big, so stay tuned!

Looking back at what I've learned about blogging and also myself, I wouldn't change anything in that first post. Everyone has their unique beginning and continues on his/her own journey, learning from personal experiences. For myself, I've learned that I can try to model blogs that I enjoy and gain much from, yet adapting things to better suit my personality, values, and lifestyle. And I do thank you, reader, for being part of this journey.


  1. How fun to look back on that original post. Sounds like you've found yourself and saved a ton of $$.

  2. Thanks for sharing - I don't even know if I have my first post. I do remember why I started though - it was to share photos of my crafts and so I can comment others blogs. I hope you have learned a great deal over this last year about YOU and your new role as Mommy. Keep writing and sharing and Growing.
    stopping by via blogdare.