Saturday, January 8, 2011

The News

For the most part, I like watching the local news. My husband and I have our favorite news anchors and meterologists -- the hubs has full confidence in one news station's meterologists versus the other station's, and I think he's accurate in his conclusion! The station with the more accurate and less dramatic meterologists also happens to have a more balance appproach in how they present their "news" pieces, but you can still tell when there's a rather slow news day! I still prefer to watch the news to stay connected with local news than to read it online. Now the national news . . . that's another story!


  1. It's definitely easier to watch the local news, but I can't watch it. Too depressing. It's always about someone dying, being shot, stalked, or something else horrible. I read the paper on my phone so I can read the topics I like. Try it. You might like it!

  2. Just dropping by from the Blog Dare - I don't like watching the news but I do have a preference with our local news - I like the more serious and to the point news stations rather than the ones that try to be comedic to a painful point.