Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thoughtful Living Tuesday

Table set for traditional holiday dinner of turkey
I know most everyone is in full swing preparing for the feast on Thursday, and some look forward to the leftovers! I'm a leftovers girl and want to remind you of a few food safety tips.

Use those leftovers for around 3 days; after that, it's at your own risk!

Especially with big get-togethers, be careful about how long food will be sitting out at room temperature.

My mom was big on thoroughly reheating leftovers. Reheat food in a pot or pan on the stovetop to close to boiling -- might be good to reboil the gravy though.

When reheating, I try to avoid putting plastic in the microwave -- who knows what happens to the plastic when heated by the microwaves and how much of anything is transferred into the food I'd ingest! When I use the microwave, I use a glass or ceramic bowl or plate. Whenever possible though, I still try to reheat using the stovetop.

Happy Thanksgiving, and many healthy leftovers! =)


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