Monday, November 22, 2010


Rubber ducks on bathtub
The dreaded 5th season is upon us...cold & flu season! Despite our hand washing, healthy eating, apple cider vinegar, tea and our best attempts to stay healthy and well, we've failed. And unfortunately, we keep sharing the cold germs with each other. Needless to say, I feel unenergized -- and I thought time management was an issue before -- and as if someone is squeezing my throat closed, with moments to allow me to force out several coughs. The little one is not quite able to communicate what's ailing her -- I haven't been medicating her much, since she's under 2, but last night, she pointed to her ibuprofen! That seemed to help! Hopefully this sickness won't last too much longer!

A hot bath always works wonders to relax a sore and sick body. I lit my "spa" candle, and just let the steam and warmth rejuvenate my tired self. And I noticed a set of eyes looking at me -- the eyes of the rubber ducky! As I work my way through this cold season, it also makes me smile that I'm also making my way through the season of raising a toddler, with all its ups and downs. I just need to sit back and enjoy those baths, with the rubber ducky and the Booth bath applique on the tub surround, more!


  1. awww... i know what you're saying.. i'm always scared of the cold season...!! Hope y'all feel better.

  2. Do hope your sickness season is over soon.
    It is so hard when the little ones cannot tell u where it hurts.

    My youngest, 3, now occasionally asks for his inhaler when his chest is tight which helps us get on top of his asthma a little more.

    Us mummies cannot just have a duvet day when we are poorly so enjoy those baths.


  3. I love how you said its the 5th season! Clever!

    So sorry that your family is sick. We just went through it too!

    Anyhow, I havent seen you over at Sofia's Ideas in awhile so I wanted to invite you to come back when you're feeling better. :)