Thursday, November 11, 2010 Review
I'm a firm believer that moms especially need to take care of themselves, and I try to take good care of my skin by using quality cleansing and moisturizing lotions. Occasionally I use a home microdermabrasion program, to rejuvenate my skin cells. And I have the opportunity to report now on home skin peels!

My skin type is oily, and I wanted to find a skin peel to address that. I tried the Salicylic 10% Acid Peel, because it would "penetrate through sebum (lipo-soluble), dissolve solidified oil (blackheads), and (is) an antibacterial (acne). Salicylic is also used to make aspirin thus making it an anti-inflamitory,” according to promotional materials.
For the most effective peel, make sure to use a clear gel cleanser first. Then apply the peel solution with a gauze pad. After the processing time, apply the neutralizing solution and rinse with cold water. Finish by applying a moisturizer with SPF protection, as the skin peels.

This was a very easy process, and provided everything necessary for the skin peel. Since it was my first skin peel, I left the solution on for 30 seconds and could already feel the slight burning sensation -- I was nervous to go longer and to have to deal with flaking skin in the dryness of the changing seasons. The Salicylic 10% Acid Peel did exactly what it was supposed to do, and I enjoyed the fresh and clean feeling and noticed more clarity in my skin. Personally, I will have to build up to have a longer processing time and will the notice even greater effects. provides several types of skin peels. They also have a new Fusion Peel for all skin types and issues, with minimal irritation and excellent results like clearing of acne, reducing age spots, softening wrinkles, and improvement of skin tone.

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