Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tokii Review


Remember seeing commercials with the family sitting around the dinner table, and instead of talking directly to each other, they're all texting each other on their phones? Or maybe you know friends like mine who will be in the same house, and even the same room, but on their own computers or phones, chatting and posting each other on Facebook?!?  The digital world presents lots of opportunities but also presents relational challenges.

Tokii is a free online resource that uses technology to bring fun and closeness to relationships. Tokii's goal is to provide couples with tools to playfully and easily grow their relationships, using simple Discovery Games and questions, not discussions or clinical diagnoses.They have all sorts of categories, from love to spirituality. And know that Tokii takes privacy and security very seriously.

Originally I sat down alone to check Tokii out. My husband wandered over, and we tried out the Spirituality section.
It was a simple way of tapping into each other's minds and provided opportunities to talk more about different ideas!

Tokii is new and innovative. Sign up to connect and rediscover each other!


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