Monday, November 14, 2011

Only $.99 for Nov. 15! $5 Dinner Mom's Holiday Entertaining Guide

Get YOUR Copy of Erin's Holiday Entertaining Guide

I'm not quite the holiday entertainer I'd like to be, but the $5 Dinner Mom makes it much more simple for people like me! Just to let you know, today she's offering her holiday entertaining guide for $.99 with code GOBBLE! The main goal of this guide is to make the upcoming season as stress-free and fun as possible. In the same fashion as her cookbooks and blog, she addresses the proper budget, items that are necessary and some that aren't, making the most of coupons and grocery store finds, delicious recipes for left-overs, and (my favorite) "the perfect plan to have everything cooked using only one oven!" Included are 30 recipes, from sides to desserts, like this Cranberry and Celery Stuffing -- even for Stove-Toppers like myself, I can handle this recipe! And for $.99, you won't be disappointed!

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