Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Waiting for the Tea Pot

Guess the adage is a watched pot never boils, which is why I'm posting of our new buy! We're trying to use kitchen utensils which will not leave harmful elements in the food that we've cooked. We're big fans of cast iron skillets (so ironic for this Chinese girl to be cooking with cast iron, but I love the health benefits) and stainless steel cookware (thanks to generous friends who bought those off our wedding registry) -- I still use the Teflon, non-stick frying pans for my pancakes since I can't get anything close to seemingly good without those!

But recently, my husband discovered that we have a rust problem in the tea kettle. Guess I shouldn't over-estimate and empty that thing more often than I do. But he wanted to get a glass or porcelain pot, since stainless steel still does leech into the water a little. This was a daunting task, since we didn't want to overpay for a tea kettle. We ended up getting one that looks old-style, seriously, and I had a coupon to use too! We'll have good, clean hot water to drink, but it does take a while to boil on low or medium heat!

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  1. I think my kids would love being able to watch the water boil on the inside. So with glass can you use it on the stove? Are you only allowed to heat it to medium?