Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crying and feeling sick inside

I was browsing the Yahoo homepage, and noticed the article titled, "Jurors cried, felt sick after acquitting Anthony." Wow. To me that is the cries of a squelched conscious, actually many of them. It really angers me to hear how some thought that she was not innocent yet still voted to acquit her -- that doesn't make any sense to me. Be definition, if you're not innocent, you're guilty.

It's so upsetting to see what our nation has come to. And I apologize if I've also upset you, but it bothers me that we've somehow dissembled common sense to rework it into correct-sounding contradictions. Does everything have to be so simple where no thinking has to take place? In my working with adolescents, I know people want easy methods which will not require much thought or work, but imagine a world of those kinds of people. If you want to take a nation down, get rid of the intellectuals, the thinkers which cannot be easy swayed -- it's happened before.

Ugh. In addition to true justice not being achieved, perhaps monetary windfall will now come from interviews. What?!?

So I hug my two-year-old just a little bit more now and try to teach her to think, logically and independently. Case closed.

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  1. It is a frustrating conclusion to the trial, but the only thing that gives me hope and comfort is the quote "It is better that 10 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man be wrongly convicted." The justice system isn't perfect, but the focus is on protecting the innocent and because they couldn't prove without a doubt that she was guilty, they could not lock her up. This woman's life is ruined...the world will forever judge her whether or not she is in jail and life will be very hard for her until the day she dies.

    I agree with your last sentence...we all need to hug our little ones a little closer and try our hardest to look out for the children who are not protected or loved enough.

  2. I agree with you completely. When I heard the jury had acquitted Casey Anthony after only 2 days of deliberation, I was totally flabbergasted. How in the world could they all agree that she is not guilty? If I had been on that jury, the other 11 would have been ready to shoot me, I guess, because I would have been the hold out. Problem is, it would probably have ended in a hung jury.

    Anyway, Ms Anthony reminds me of another woman quite a few years back - remember her? I'm thinking of the woman who pushed her strapped in car seats children into a lake in order to keep a boyfriend.

    Grrr. We need to really pray for our children, our nation, our world.

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  4. I was so shocked that they acquitted her.....but I guess the only consolation is that she will have the hardest time ever living on the outside one will hire one will support her.....and she'll hopefully end up wishing she had been convicted....stopping by from the social parade