Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mysery Solved

I'm not sure I like the resolution to this, among other cases, either.

We've been looking for our little people for a few weeks now. Yes, literally looking for little people, the Fisher Price Little People and some animals that were housed in their red plastic barn. Since they're little, I thought maybe they were shoved under furniture or hid behind another larger toy, but my little informant fessed up that they were thrown in the trash. did I not notice Little People and their animals in the trash can, and how did I not notice my little person putting them in the trash can? My twenty minute conversation with my little person, filled with "I put in the trash," "Oh my goodness," "I angry," and gesturing towards the trashcan leads me to believe that she threw her Little People and entourage, along with two missing little balls, into the trash some time ago. I even bought this special trash can to keep her out, but guess curiosity is her best suite.

I'm not sure my point of not throwing just anything into the trashcan got through to her, as she proceeded to talk about other random happenings. Oh well, at least I have closure about our missing Little People.

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  1. Funny! I cannot tell you how many hours I've put into finding our Little People. I used to have a headcount but soon lost count so as long as I see a few Sara Lynn's, Farmer Jed's, Michael's, Eddie's and Maggie's I know we are fine. Life and times of a Mom I guess...