Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Home "Projects"

Typically I'm not a Do-It-Yourself-er; I'd rather just buy it complete. But in the past year, I've been making more things myself instead of the ready, prepackaged stuff. I'm not talking about projects around the house, because my handiness creates more problems than solutions. But I am proud of my homemade, household creations like protein bars, granola bars, salsa, tomato sauce, yogurt, and reusable baby wipes. Most, if not all, were created in order to save money, but another big benefit is the healthy nature of doing it yourself -- I know all the ingredients that went into it, I controlled the processing, and there are no preservatives.

I've been reading more online about family cloth and homemade detergent, and the appeal for me is not so much of the natural green but more of the financial green. I do recognize there's a healthier aspect to family cloth and perhaps to homemade detergent, but saving money on toilet paper and commercial detergents speaks louder to me -- and don't read this as I'm giving up my TP, because I'm not quite ready for that yet! I wonder if most users of family cloth and homemade detergent do so for financial savings.

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  1. We make our own laundry detergent, for financial reasons. We use the Duggar's reccipe, it makes 10 gallons for an initial cost of ~$10, then every time you need more it's only a dollar (dry ingredients make multiple batches, you only need to buy the bucket once. every time you need more, you only have to buy the bar of soap). it does a great job getting baby and pet messes out of the laundry, and it even got rid of the mildewy smell in my mom's very old washer. we share with my parents, sister and nephew (for a total of 2 kids and 5 adults worth of laundry) and only make the detergent every 2-4 months. this is crazy long, but i do love my laundry detergent!

    IDK about giving up TP...