Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beating the Heat and Enjoying the Sun!

For the past 6 years, my husband and I have attend the Air Show; but I think we skipped the summer our daughter was born. Last year was hot, and in the span of a couple of hours, my shoulders were burnt -- getting a sun burn is a relatively new experience as I've only been burned once in about 30 years. This year, with the temps in the nineties and high humidity, I was determined to beat the heat and have fun!

In the course of the 2-3 hours we were there, we hung out with about 30,000 people, drank about 8 bottles of water, saw the Thunderbirds, and got some sun (without the burn)! While waiting (about 20 minutes) in line to board the shuttle bus back to the parking area, the family in front of us was complaining that the event did not offer anything extra to battle against the heat, and I was quite surprised since they did have sprinkler/cooling stations, tent areas for kids, as well as a few free water fountains available; of course, they're still going to push their food and drink vendors, but that's normal. Coolers aren't allowed, but you can still bring in your food and drink.

If you're headed to an outdoor event in this heat, here's a few tips for staying cool without shelling out all the green!
1. Freeze bottles of water.
We transported them in the car in the cooler but put them in a bag for the event. No problem with security, and we had cool water to drink! You can even bring a washcloth to wipe your face down with the cool water.
2. Wear a hat or bring an umbrella and don't forget the sunscreen!
I'm not normally a hat person, but I do have dark hair. I think this was the first time I wore a hat out in public!
And the umbrella. . . in Asia, it's common to see people carrying umbrellas when it's not raining, simply for shade. It was quite the trend at the Air Show too!
3. Wear light, light-colored clothing.
It's pretty obvious that the lighter the fabric, the cooler you are. Also the lighter the color, the more it'll reflect the sunlight, not absorb it.
4. Bring a few munchies.
We brought some fruit snacks, and that was just fine!

I also brought a spare t-shirt to change the little one into after the event. Her shirt was soaked!

Hope everyone has fun!

Photo Credit:Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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