Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flossing Teeth...Young

Floss. We know we should do it. And generally, I'm a good flosser. I love the clean feeling in my mouth, and even better, love knowing it's good for the pearly whites!

Unfortunately, I had to visit the dentist for some repair work today, and speaking with the hygienist, I learned that I should be flossing my 2-year-old's teeth. Guess you're supposed to start flossing as soon as the teeth touch; 95% of young flossers have healthy teeth & gums. She told me to lay my toddler on my lap; that way I could use my hands, with the floss, to control her and her mouth. Sounded great . . . in theory.

I was so excited to try it out once we got home. And my toddler was excited to try out floss. But that lasted only 10 seconds. We tried diversion, with the mirror, with counting her teeth. Yeah. So I'm wondering when was the hygienist's last time flossing a 2-year-old's teeth.

Anyways, tonight, with my husband's help, we will be flossing!


  1. those flossing picks can come in handy. They even make kid ones in fun colours etc...we still don't get it done as often as we should, but at least she gets familiar with the idea,lol

  2. Good for you starting her at 2. We don't do it as often as we should either. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!