Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The angry baby...I would be too, if someone referred to me as "that" instead of a person (see yesterday's post).


  1. Aw, but shes still cute as can be, even when angry :)

  2. aww, i would be ticked about the gym...
    but even when crying, we love our little ones just the same .. :)

  3. Ermm.. doesn't look angry to me! She's cute! :)
    Happy Wednesday to you from Malaysia! :)

    Thanks for hopping over to check out my WW at I'm a full-time mummy (Ben with Mega Blocks)

  4. I love angry baby pictures! My poor son, we just laugh at him when he gets mad.

  5. I just read your last post...what a terrible thing to say about a child. They probably won't get it til it's their turn to be a parent!

    Your little one is adorable, angry or not! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!