Saturday, June 19, 2010

CVS discovery

This morning, we ran out to do a few errands, and while picking up 50 free prints at CVS for Grandma, I realized that the CVS was starting the ads for what officially begins tomorrow. This is the 2nd CVS store in this area that I know for sure starts their ads early! So that can mean 2 weeks of savings in one day! Although you run the likelihood of "popular" deals being sold out -- I couldn't get the 2 out of 3 things I wanted, so I might stop at the other CVS later today!

And when I scanned my card for additional coupons, I got one for 10% off Your Purchase -- 3 Days Only! Expires 6/22.


  1. Yes! I just left my job as a CVS manager last month. I worked there for 4 years so any question just asks. But most non 24hr store run both ads for a period of time on Saturday. So it is really time to stock up on good prices. And always ask for a raincheck even if you run into another Cvs later on ;)

  2. Your not the only one. People used to get mad because I would put the ad out early Saturday as well and it confused some. I had to exsplain to a LOT of people weekly. But when you think about it, like you said it is a great opportunity!