Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going overboard & giving

Ever feel the desire just to buy something?!? That happens to me a lot; that's why I go to various grocery stores, even if just to "cherry pick!" (I wrote a little about this here.) That way I can justify my shopping! =)

When I first started seriously couponing last fall, I started to drift to the extreme of wanting to buy more things, simply because it was a great deal! We didn't really need it, but I wanted to buy it! Only recently have I implemented something which I know many other bloggers and readers are doing, making those purchases and donating it to charity. This week, I've purchased some soap & deodorant, that we don't need, to donate towards a community project. I might even head back out shopping to buy more things to donate to this project because it's an excellent way to look out for our neighbors. I think that if we give freely with this kind of personal relationship, recipients would feel a little more accountable. It wouldn't be a hand-out but reaching out. I can't buy it all, but I'll take another look to see!

What do you do with all your good deals? Feel free to leave a little comment!


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  2. Coupons definitely drive me to purchase more, even if I don't really need something.

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