Monday, December 12, 2011

Are you finished Christmas shopping?!?

I was listening to the radio the other day, and they mentioned that the average American spends $700 per family member at Christmas. I was shocked because I spend less than $100 per family member, some times even closer to $20 -- the most extravagant was getting my husband a laptop (which I'm currently using -- hee hee) several years ago.

In conversation today, I met a lady who must be the average American. She mentioned that her father was giving her $350 to spend on each child. In addition to that, she was spending $250 on each child, and her partner was spending $200 on each child. As graciously as possible, I asked if she had considered setting some of that money aside for college since a 4-year-old really doesn't need $800 worth of toys, but she somehow dismissed that idea. I'm still somewhat in shock, and honestly saddened that Christmas has been cheapened to spending dollars, some of which could be put to better use like paying down debts or saving for the future. What good will all the extravagant toys do when the family has no emergency fund? Anyway, this lady is still happily doing her shopping. And I'm happily done with my shopping!

How about you? Are you still shopping? Honestly, what kind of budget do you have for presents?

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  1. I remember Christmas as an amazing holiday as a child and we want to do the same for our daughter but generally don't like spending much over $100 on her. She has all she needs and then some. Great question though.

  2. That is a lot of money to spend on each member! I think it is important to remember how many great things there are about the holiday that do not involve the presents and spending a lot of money. My sister and I have put the amount of $50 for my child and I spend $50 on her two children. This takes much of the stress out of how much to get and pay. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

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