Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold - Flu - Allergies?!? = Yuck

a box of tissues
This month has been a bit of a blur of tissues, coughing, sneezing, Nyquil, and major sinus issues. The sickness hit us around Thanksgiving and finally is easing its grip on us! No amount of handwashing kept the bug away. I think the little one caught it first, and then it was passed around -- I have a strong hunch that once someone started to feel better, the virus mutated and attacked again because my husband and I had the hardest time trying to shake it! We went through a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and I even tried "Sovereign Colloidal Silver," which according to the man at the health food store, is a natural sort of antibiotic...still trying to find out more about that! Anyways, I sure hope we've done our time for feeling yucky this cold/flu season!


  1. I have a friend who swears she doesn't get colds all winter because she uses a netty pot. That thing that allows you to drain water out of your nose. I haven't tried it yet, but might! Good luck staying well and being tissue free!

  2. Yuck! Hope you get better soon! Hopefully your getting rest, which is the best medicine of all. Thanks for stopping by today - great to hear from you!