Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shoveling snow

Woman with shovel walking on sidewalk
I snuck out while the kids were napping to shovel the driveway -- we had a good 3 inches of lighter, powdery snow. While I was about halfway complete, I saw 4 middle school aged boys walking down, strutting their entrepreneurial wears (to no avail around this neighborhood because either people are out shoveling or just continue to drive over the snow in their driveway, like the people who live to the right and left of us). My husband gives those kids some credit because they're trying to make something for themselves on their free day off, but I don't know ... I can't give them that much credit because not one of them offered to help me. Maybe I'm thinking of myself more highly than I should, but I thought the pink coat would give it away -- isn't it just plain courtesy to help? Anyway, this little lady in her pink coat gets things done.

A bit of a side note -- when looking for images on Picapp, I noticed that only one of the 27 images were of women shoveling; the other 26 were of men. Hmm....

1 comment:

  1. They didn't offer because you had it COMPLETELY under control!! Hey, I shovel snow all the time, I cannot believe there was only one pic of a woman!!