Saturday, July 3, 2010

My honest Walgreens receipt

All this for $.41?!? No, not really, not honestly!

I thought I could use the $3 off Natrol Acai coupon from the Walgreens July booklet with a $3 manufacturer's coupon, but today was told that the Walgreens coupon is a manufacturer's coupon (I think I was just lied to and am awaiting an email response back from corporate.). So I asked for my $3 manufacturer's coupon back to use at another time. The cashier was in a bit of a huff because she actually had to offer customer service to me and not verbally express what she was thinking, and she handed me the coupon without voiding that on the receipt too. So when I double checked the receipt before leaving the store, $.41 for 2 Starbucks ice creams did not make sense! Then I remembered the back and forth about the Natrol. So instead of stealing the $3, I went back to the cashier to pay for it. And now she was miffed that I was honest, and she actually had to offer customer service to me and not verbally express what she was thinking. I've read about a few cashiers who show an appreciation for coupon savviness, but I have yet to find one day shift Walgreens employee!

Anyways, there is something for you, if your Walgreens allows you to use the Walgreens July booklet as a Walgreens coupon (something I've done at other stores, mind us all), you can get the Natrol Acai tablets for free! They're marked down to $5.99; use the $3 manufacturer's coupon (I had mine from a previous time; it's in the box...don't steal the other coupons from boxes you don't buy...I've been on that receiving end before) with the $3 Walgreens coupon, and the product should be free! Oh, I think you have to be 27 or older to purchase these, at least that's what I was told today too!


  1. Hooray for you for being honest! I appreciate that...even if the cashier didn't. I feel you on the not yet meeting a Wag's cashier that likes for you to use coupons. Even the really nice ones I know act strange when I use a lot of them. One day we'll meet day :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY got a post up thanking you for the award! Sorry it took me so long :)


  2. Good luck getting a response from Walgreens! I emailed their corporate office an issue 3 weeks ago and NEVER heard back! I hope you have better luck than I did!