Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Local Trumps Organic"

Those words caught my eye as I was reading an informational pamphlet about a local dairy farm. They were introducing their products which were minimally processed (and at low temperatures). And even though they were promoting their products, I found their statements to be true:

We believe the local dairy farmer who practices exemplary dairying practices provides an alternative to Certified Organic milk which is expensive and generally older and more heat treated. . . Organics take the focus off of producing the very finest and freshest milk and make the goal producing milk to a rigid organic standard at the lowest possible cost.

Last month, we went strawberry picking, and I'd never before tasted such full-tasting strawberries! Those tasted 100% better than the organic berries previously bought from the grocery store -- and I thought those were flavorful! Even though the berries we picked were not certified organic, we knew the farm worked to minimize use of pesticides, and since were were picking, they were minimally handled! I was so amazed with the quality. That farm used exemplary practices.

And I think of our finds at the farmers' market. Though many of them are not certified organic, they do have excellent practices to bring quality products to consumers. Also, to my great surprise, the cost differentials are not that great -- in fact, those market prices are often the same or even lower than the organic competitor available at the store.

I'm so thankful for the farmers' market and the opportunities we have to purchase local. This has become more of a priority for me and my family! Have you been to your farmers' market yet?

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  1. Hiyee! I agree, as long as the local farm doesn't use pesticides, etc., they are just as "organic" as the certified products. Plus, to get "organic certification" is pricy, and local small farms can't afford it. We buy our milk from a local farm. Not "organic" but certainly free of hormones, etc.