Sunday, June 17, 2012

Great Books I've Read Recently

I would not describe myself as a voracious reader. I tend to struggle with being still! However, a close friend of mine is quite the avid reader, and wanting to challenge myself, I asked for my friend's booklist. I did cut myself some slack; my friend is single and has all her time and energy to do as she pleases. But I surprised myself by how much I had missed reading!

Mudbound totally surprised me. While it's not what I would call graphic, there are some more adult references made, but the author writes a very interesting story. I enjoyed piecing the story together as the author crafted the book chapters from various characters' perspectives. Often around midnight, I would have to make myself put the book down and find the patience to wait a day in order to find out more!

The Scarlet Thread had been passed to me from my grandmother, and it actually sat on my shelf for about a year! I kept thinking it was too long for me to get through, but again, this was another surprise! I liked how the author linked 2 separate story lines, trying to find more connections myself. A few difficult life situations were made simple, I suppose, but that's ok because I wouldn't want to have to deal with the conflicting and painful situations myself.

What good reads have you found recently?

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  1. Currently I have a few books on kindle that I'm reading. Mainly non fiction quick reads.