Friday, June 8, 2012

Fitness Vacation?!?

So I run into this topic of Fitness Vacations about every six months. At first, I thought, what a waste -- to go on vacation and exercise!

I wasn't so sure I could change my mind, looking at an article about fitness vacations on There's no way I could teach children to surf in Africa -- I'm quite terrified of my lack of swimming abilities. And while I like down-time and quiet, a Yoga retreat would have me making a raucous! I'd also not be touring de France on a bicycle -- I'm lucky enough to be able to ride down the street. So, not just by default, but with the right mix of fun and discipline, a fitness cruise is where I belong! Though I might long to add more to the food "carefully prepared by the chef just for the fitness minded," I'm sure I'd have fun and enjoy focusing on healthy living!

 Would you take a fitness vacation?


  1. Sure, but ironically, I would want to lose a few pounds first. And maybe firm up. Possibly jog and train for a fitness vacation.

  2. I think the idea of a "fitness vacation" sounds good because I hate gaining weight while on vacation. I'd love to be outdoors and have fun activities so it doesn't sound like "fitness". I wouldn't want to do yoga all day long ;). And now that we have J, we'd also need a kid-friendly vacation stay.

  3. I don't think that I would take a fitness vacation, at least at this stage in life...maybe I should though. I don't seem to be exercising enough when I'm not on vacation.