Thursday, June 14, 2012

Childhood Home

Growing up in two different continents and several houses and apartments, my recollection of my childhood home is quite sparse. Often I can link memories by looking at pictures, which bring back various associations. While in high school and college, I completed several writing activities, like making a map and webbing, to bring back more solid memories, but those just elude me.

And while we're not guaranteed that the home we're currently in will be the one that my child remembers, I'm prompted to think about what kind of home I want her to connect with her childhood.

Praying Together
I want my daughter to remember how we prayed together, and even on our knees at bedtime -- that she would always have that special relationship with and love for Jesus. 

Playing Outside and the Garden
Even though our yard is small, I want her to remember the times we blew bubbles (or cheated with the bubble machine) or ran around the chimneyette.  I also want her to remember how we grew some of our food and how she picked tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins!

Playing Together Inside
While my daughter is notorious to demand, "Play with me" several times a day, I want her to remember how we took Dora's mother or father from her little hand and brought Dora's family to life.

I want her memories of her childhood home to be filled with images of her family working and playing together. What do you want your child's memories of home to be?

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  1. What beautiful memories to create. You're right, it's not about the house, it's about the home! I also want my son to remember the little things -- playing with his puppy, reading in mommy's/daddy's lap, taking walks to the local playground. I also want him to have a deep faith in God, but I'm currently still working on mine!