Saturday, May 21, 2011

Me, the Gardener -- Not!

When the sun comes out and I see all the bushes that need trimmed, I get this strong draw outside to prune. But I really shouldn't be allowed to prune because my pruning tends to become chopping. The bush by the front window was bothering me -- springs of new green popping up just like a bad hair cut. Since I had a few minutes this morning, and the sun was out, I thought I'd make quick work.

Quick work became quick lopping. And the bad hair cut went from bad to bald.
If you see my ugly work by the front door, please just ignore it and pray that more leaves grow back quickly.


  1. I'm SO not a gardener either!! LOL!

  2. Better a bush outside than the hair on top of your head. Like my mother always told me, don't worry it will grow back quick!