Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cloth Diaper Experience Concludes!

 Discovering the Me in Mommy

Wow! February flew by, and in addition to the new fluffy fun I've discovered, I'm thrilled to complete my first event here -- thank you so much for helping to make it successful! I met some new friends and was also introduced to great businesses with excellent products and production methods.

So where am I at in my Cloth Diaper Experience?!? I detailed how I came from the world of disposables into my fair-weather cloth diaper stage, and now, after making more purchases, I'm pretty much 100% into the fluff -- I still use disposables when we send the little one to the nursery, until I can get a feel of how the staff would react to cloth!

Many moms have their favorites, but I really do like most of the ones I've tried! I really like my FuzziBunz, Knickernappies, Monkey Toe, Thirsties, and Mother-ease diapers that I reviewed. I've also spent quite some time and money at Diaper Swappers (by the way, this is a great place to frugally try various brands and also sell when you're ready to de-stash. I also realized a lot of moms on there were using their 20% off or $10 off Amazon codes to get an excellent deal on cloth diapers!) to find that I also like the Blueberries and Bum Genius -- I still have a few more to wash and try, including fitteds! I bought a Flip because I loved the concept, but that's my least favorite right now -- little one soaks it up quickly!

And our final winners!

Super Skivvies Winner

Wahmies Wet Bag Winner
Tandy and Jeff

And **Updated*** the Knickernappies winner


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