Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smart Consumers

I strive to be a smart consumer and realize there's so much that I've gleaned from the blogsphere but also people I interact with each day. In thinking about what encompasses smart consumerism, I've boiled it down to three points!

1. Find out what deals are available.
The internet is so helpful in matchups and the best use of coupons in conjunction with the sales ad! The way I see it, we really don't need to pay full price for the majority of things with all that's available to us.

2. Understand the value of the deal.
I struggle with this because I'm a deal-seeker! Some times the excellent deals still do not equal the value -- it's hard to admit, but I might still have to pay a little more than the deal found to get the best value for the product, because I'll end up with a better product. It's also good to remember that spending money, even if it's a good deal, is still spending money! And every little bit, in either direction, adds up.

3. See through marketing strategies.
Some times I deliberately avoid deals I find because I recognize the marketing strategies behind the sales pitch and cannot agree with what's happening. But I think part of this is also making sure that I'm not making emotional purchacs and buying simply to buy or because it makes me feel good!

In essence, a smart consumer is SMART. She or he will be thinking through the entire process and willfully makes purchases. Are you a smart consumer?

This post is part of the Blog Dare's Promp: How I am a smart consumer.

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  1. Good tips! Sometimes I'm crazy savvy while other times I fail in this dept. Good to be informed though